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STATISTICS | worldsteel

These are global steel statistics per country, including the main top steel-producing countries, China, Japan, India, and USA. worldsteel publishes global crude steel production on a monthly basis. Toggle navigation


The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world, with members in every major steel-producing country. worldsteel represents steel producers, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes.

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The Short Range Outlook for the next 18 months suggests 2018 growth of 1.8% followed by 0.7% in 2019. Steel demand is benefitting from the broad and favourable global economic momentum affecting both the developed and developing world at the same time.

Estimated demand for steel worldwide by region 2020 | Statista

In 2016, a little over 1.54 billion metric tons of finished steel products was consumed globally. This figure represents a 0.5 percent increase on 2014, when just over 1.5 billion metric tons of, world steel consumption

worldsteel Short Range Outlook April 2019 | worldsteel

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) today released its April 2019 Short Range Outlook (SRO). worldsteel forecasts global steel demand will reach 1,735 Mt in 2019, an increase of 1.3% over 2018. In 2020, demand is projected to grow by 1.0% to reach 1,752 Mt.

List of countries by steel production - Wikipedia

List of countries by steel production. This is a list of countries by steel production in 1967, 1980, 1990, 2000 and from 2007 to 2018, based on data provided by the World Steel Association. All countries with annual production of crude steel at least 2 million metric tons are listed.

World Steel in Figures 2018 now available | worldsteel

World Steel in Figures 2018 now available. The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world. worldsteel members represent approximately 85% of the world's steel production, including over 160 steel producers with 9 of the 10 largest steel companies,, world steel consumption


50 years back in 1967, the world produced just less than 500 million tonnes of steel. In 2016, the world produced just over 1,600 million tonnes. Most of the growth came from new industrialising nations Brazil, China, India, Iran and Mexico. Steel as a product is so versatile and fundamental to our lives that it is

Global Steel Report

4 Global Steel Report Production by Region Among eight world regions, Asia and Oceania produced 1.12 billion metric tons of steel in 2015, accounting for 69 percent of the 1.6 billion metric tons of global production.

worldsteel Short Range Outlook 2017/2018 | worldsteel

Consequently, the nominal growth rate for steel demand in China increased to 12.4% or 765.7 Mt. Disregarding this statistical base effect worldsteel expects that the underlying growth rate of Chinas steel demand for 2017 will be 3%, which will make the corresponding global growth rate 2.8%.

World Steel News

Domestic consumption has slowed, significantly, in the United States. This years crude stainless steel outturn is forecast to be around 3 percent lower than the 2018 figure, at 2.725 million tonnes. A moderate increase, of about 2 percent, is foreseen, in 2019.

world steel consumption flat long tube pipe products 2016

World steel consumption by product shape Demand estimates by shape indicate estimated world steel consumption analysed by flat products [including plate, hot rolled coil and sheet, cold rolled and coated sheet], long products [including rail, heavy sections, bar and wire rod] and tube [welded pipe and seamless tube].

Global steel demand growth to slow in 2018, worldsteel says , world steel consumption

Global steel demand growth is expected to slow to 1.6 percent next year, after strong growth in 2017 driven by demand from top consumer China, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) said on Monday.

Steel Demand Beyond 2030 - OECD

Steel Demand Beyond 2030 , world steel consumption their steel consumption per capita increases to a peak point then per capita , world steel consumption in the middle part of the next decade the world will hit , world steel consumption

Top 10 Steel Consumers: Where Does the United States Stand , world steel consumption

Top 10 steel consumers. In this part of the series, well look at the top ten steel consumers. The data are compiled by the World Steel Association based on 2016 apparent steel consumption (or ASC).

World steel production and scrap consumption 2018 | Statista

Steel production and scrap consumption in leading markets in 2018 (in million metric tons) Steel production and scrap consumption leading markets 2018 Demand for steel products in industrial and , world steel consumption

World steel demand 2020 | Statista

Steel consumption is anticipated to grow by roughly one percent between 2019 and 2020. Steel is an important resource in many industries. Construction and manufacturing are the key industries for, world steel consumption

Steel Industry Executive Summary: September 2019

According to data from the World Steel Association, U.S. steel production creased in by 2.4% to 7.4 million metric tons in July 2019 from 7.2 million metric tons in June. This marks a 0.5% increase from the July 2018 production level.

Steel Industry - Statistics & Facts | Statista

About 1.7 billion metric tons of crude steel was produced globally in 2017. That year, worldwide consumption of steel scrap came to around 600 million metric tons. This text provides general , world steel consumption

The global steel industry by the numbers - CNNMoney

The global steel industry by the numbers. , world steel consumption When it comes to consumption by country, China once again tops the rankings. , world steel consumption $29 billion. The US is the world's top steel importer. The value of , world steel consumption

Stainless Steel Consumption Forecast - ISSF: International , world steel consumption

The Stainless Steel Consumption Forecast (SCF) is updated twice a year. Download the SCF for October 2019 here. Related Links: Stainless Steel in Figures 2019 .

MEPS - World Steel Outlook

Iron and Steel Production (Short and long-term forecasts for crude steel, pig iron and DRI) Finished Steel Production, Trade and Consumption Regional Steel Price (Charts) Historical Data Tables . View a sample copy of MEPS World Steel Outlook : HOW TO ORDER

Worldsteel raises forecast for 2018 global steel demand , world steel consumption

Worldsteel expects steel demand in China, which consumes half the worlds steel, will remain flat in 2018 at 736.8 million tonnes and fall 2 percent next year to 722.1 million.

Global Steel Consumption and Amazing Structures

Chicago, IL Construction is one of the biggest steel consumers on the planet, using about 30 percent of worldwide steel production. With steel consumption forecasted by the World Steel Association to be 1.455 billion metric tons in 2013, that makes for an incredible amount of steel going into some really massive structures.

Overview of steel and iron market 2017

Global steel and iron market 5 Output trends 6 Consumption trends 8 Commodity prices for 2016-2017 10 Steel prices for 2015-2017 12 Overview of the Russian steel and iron market 13 Output trends 14 Consumption trends 17 Exports 18 Imports 19 The current state of the steel-making industry in Russia 20 Appendixand iron market 22 Contacts 23 02 01

World Steel Assn. Forecasts Global Steel Consumption to Fall , world steel consumption

The World Steel Assn. tracks raw steel production in 65 countries and eight geographic regions. The World Steel Association issued a new short-range outlook for steel consumption, anticipating an increase of just 0.5% this year over 2014. That would mean total global steel consumption of 1.54 , world steel consumption

Global output of crude steel 2019 | Statista

This aligns with estimates of global steel consumption, which is expected to continue to increase through 2021. Steel is one of the most commonly used metals across the globe. , world steel consumption World crude , world steel consumption

Perspectives on steel by steel-using industries

Steel consumption by sector Construction industry is the largest consumer, accounting for approximately 50% of total world steel consumption. Transport sector (cars, trucks, aviation, shipbuilding, and rail) is the second. The machinery industry and metal products industry each consume around 14% of the worlds steel. Construction 50%

History of the steel industry (1970present) - Wikipedia

Global steel production grew enormously in the 20th century from a mere 28 million tonnes at the beginning of the century to 781 million tons at the end. Per-capita steel consumption in the US peaked in 1977, then fell by half before staging a modest recovery to levels well below the peak. World steel production in the 20th century

Global Monitor Report

export and import trends, production, capacity, and consumption data. This information will provide current, objective, and relevant global steel trade and industry data and will allow for new insights into the global steel marketplace. Steel is a critical industry worldwide, and steel products are a heavily traded commodity. In recent

world steel consumption

world steel consumption by country world steel consumption 2008 world steel consumption statistics

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